Zeke Stryker (zeke_altret) wrote in no_guilty_tears,
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I gotta rant.... I just have to do it.

So you're the only one. The only one allowed to be upset. Allowed to get pissed off. Well goddamn it. Sorry to step on your toes- Alpha female. But I get upset too. Especially when someone doesn't follow through. And I get tired. Just like you. Of the kitchen being a mess and all the crap sticken to my socks. I try to keep it clean. Try to go through every now and then and we got six. And you seem to think you're the only one pulling the weight. Well fuck that. Fuck you. I try. And all we get from her is "I will. I will. But this or but that and OMG pity me." Well goddamn- I'm tired of it. Tired of hearing this or that about my attitude when I just can't take it any more. Doesn't take 5 hours to do a few loads of dishes. And there's no reason she can't get off her ass and do it- especially considering how many times you and I got stuck doin' the chore. And why the hell is it so wrong of me to ask her to get her fuckin' laundry out of the room? Takin up two thirds of space we just don't have down there. And she just doesn't do it. Well fuck it. Fuck that. It's moving tomorrow. Cause she won't get it done. And you know it. And I don't care if I'm stepping on your toes. Cause damn it I'm pissed too. And no 26 year old can have an excuse as lame as "I did one load" or "I don't like to work until after 5". What ever. My mamma's fallin' apart cause her health is so bad but she still works a 8 to 9 hour day at a hot factory and comes home to clean the fuckin' house. She stands in a fuckin' mall all day piercin' ears and managing a kiosk. 9_9 big fuckin' stress there. Real physically demanding. You and I both know all she wants to do is sit at her fuckin' computer and play that game. And you fuckin' claim to be the only adult in this house. Screw you. Talk about arrogance. I don't want to be her mom either. I'm no body's parent and if it comes down to me being no bodies friend than fine. Fine. Whatever. you can have it up to here but no one else can. I see how it is.
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